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Activating your sixth sense or intuitive sense will improve the flow of your life. You will find that you have an inner knowing of what decisions you should make. For example, maybe one day you decide to follow your intuition to a new restaurant for lunch. And that day you meet someone who helps you to land a new job, one that you really love and allows you to make a lot more money than you made at your last job.

The Sixth Sense will also be what propels your spiritual development forward. But as we all know, life events tend to pull us away from our spirituality. Here are a few quick exercises that you can practice in 10 minutes or less that will keep you connected to your sixth sense.

1. Practice seeing auras
Seeing the aura is an easy, fast and fun way to stay connected to your sixth sense. As you become better with seeing auras, you will learn to see energy on a consistent basis, automatically keeping you connected to your sixth sense. And this is a technique that can be practiced anywhere. Practice at work or school, at the grocery store or when you go out to dinner.

2. Take a Walk
This may not sound like a “sixth sense activity” but remember that using your sixth sense requires energy or prana. If you feel drained, it is unlikely you will be able to use your sixth sense. Take a quick walk on your lunch break with this in mind. If you are near a park, take advantage of it, but most of us don’t have access to a park, especially when we only have a few minutes. But that is okay! Use the sounds on the street and view it as music for your walk. Find the beauty of the city and use it to recharge.

3. Manifestation
No matter what your situation, there is always something that you want to improve or change. Manifestation has become almost solely a technique for making more money. But why not apply it to your spirituality and sixth sense? Manifest a new experience or skill. Perhaps you want to be able to see energy or reach new levels in your meditations or improve your health.

Here are a few tips to get you started. Imagine the feeling that you will have when you have this new experience or skill and use this feeling for your manifestation. After your manifestation, move onto other things. Continuously thinking about your manifestation will prevent you from having the experience.

Spend as much time as you want on any of these exercises, but any of them can be completed in only 10 minutes. You will be surprised by how much of a difference just a few minutes each day will make in developing your sixth sense.


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