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This past weekend, a major news announcement was made regarding something that will have a huge impact on the future for all of us.  Vast deposits of various minerals were found all throughout Afghanistan.  The total value of these resources was estimated at $1 trillion dollars.

“No one is catching on with what’s going on there,” he said, “and it’s HUGE. Bigger than even CERN.”

Eric Pepin knew about this beforehand but had to delay talking about it due to other circumstances.  Now he decided to voice his opinion about many things: Which wheels are already in motion and which are likely to start spinning; what the agendas of the players involved were (politically, industrially, culturally and spiritually); he described a “what if” potential powder-keg scenario, and how the domino effect would impact society as a whole.

He said this was too important to potentially lose sight of, and that his insight should be recorded “ahead of time”.  He said it concerns the near future.

“The future about this is a grey zone.”, he said.
“…it’s more about what’s not being reported. There are other factors being kept under wrap.”

Although the news is only reporting 10% of what’s really happening. He emphasized we needed to educate ourselves, get it on our conscious map and pay more close attention.

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