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Winter is quickly closing in. The leaves are falling, grasses are dying back, animals are preparing to hibernate. Prana is less abundant. Winter is a period of dormancy is part of the natural cycle of the Earth. Because of this, winter is a difficult time to maintain your spiritual practice. This is not new information, but it is something we seldom think about. But if you keep awareness of the reasons you feel less spiritual, you can counteract these effects.

So, how do you make it through winter months without losing your energy and spirituality?

The best way to beat the winter blues is to stay focused on your spirituality by working on your sixth sense. The sixth sense is the bridge to dimensional consciousness and will provide you with concrete feedback and progress to get you through the winter months.

1. Practice psychic readings

This is a fun way to exercise your sixth sense and get out of the house! Go to a local coffee shop and practice psychic readings. Make a list of questions before you head out to make it easier to get started. Choose a person who looks like they will be sitting still for a few minutes and quickly answer all the questions on your sheet based on your first impression or feeling of the person.

When you approach the person to check your accuracy, say something like, “Hi, I’m not a psychic but I’m doing some research on the existence of psychic abilities, but I was wondering if you could look over my answers and see if I got anything correct?”

This takes the pressure off so you can have fun with it. Be sure to mark every correct or even partially correct answer as a hit. You will be amazed at how quickly you accuracy improves.

2. Investigate a haunted house

Most hauntings are reported in the winter months when the sun begins to hide behind clouds and the weather becomes damp and cold. Do some research on your town. Where are the notorious haunted locations? Winter is the ideal time to check them out.

Be respectful of rules and personal property. Don’t break in after hours or trespass on private property for the sake of your investigation. On the other hand, if it is a hotel or other public business, don’t be shy about asking to take a look around.

3. Assimilation

Practice your assimilation skills to expand your perceptions. We all tend to see things from a very human perspective. When you reach higher states of consciousness, you lose a lot of data because you have to bring that data down and process it through your human mind. Practicing assimilation will enhance your sixth sense and teach you a new language, the language of energy.

Assimilating animals is an easy and fun way to get started. Animals have the same five senses as humans, but they utilize their sensory differently than humans. For example, bats navigate and locate insects using sound. Cats can see in almost complete darkness. And butterflies have taste receptors on their feet. How does it feel to have different sensory?

4. Play cards

This is a fun way to improve your sixth sense on a snowy day. Shuffle a deck of cards and hold the deck face down. Now, try to sense whether the card on top of the deck is red or black. Go with your first instinct. Flip it over. Then make one pile of cards for correct guesses and one pile for incorrect guesses and see what your percentage is. When you practice with this, you will find that the number of cards that you “guess” correctly increases. This is a great way to visually see the effectiveness of your Sixth Sense.

When this becomes easy for you, increase the difficulty by trying to sense the suit of the card: hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs.

These exercises will help you get through the winter slump. Use them to keep up your spirituality and by the time spring arrives and prana once again reaches out for you, you will be surprised by how much you have advanced spiritually.


In most cases we try to communicate with ghosts in the same way that we would talk to a neighbor. Many of us have learned this from Hollywood movies and television shows. Characters speak with ghosts in the same way that you would speak to a friend: with verbal communication. You will often hear phrases like: ‘Give me a sign!’ or ‘Who are you?’ or ‘What do you want from me?’

So why doesn’t this really work as a way to communicate with ghosts? When we verbalize a question to a ghost, we are assuming that they have ears to hear us with and vocal chords to respond with. But ghosts do not have physical bodies. The five senses we utilize do not apply to them. Ghosts speak a different language.

The Universal Language

Emotion is the Universal language. We receive messages through emotion all the time, but we rarely recognize it. The messages we receive are interpreted by the brain and become the thoughts and words that run through our heads.

If a ghost has a developed level of consciousness, it is able to project specific ‘messages’ or emotions to us. If the ghost projects a negative emotion, we may become scared. Alternatively, if the ghost projects a positive emotion, we may feel comforted or happy.

Obviously, that is a very general overview of how ghosts communicate with us. Human emotions range from joy to sadness to anger to envy and all the emotions in between. Emotions can become very complex, so it will take practice to fully understand what messages the ghost is sending you.

Verbal vs. Emotional Communication

Now we understand how ghosts communicate with us. But how do we communicate with a ghost? Often what people try to do is as a question verbally, such as ‘Who are you?’

To communicate this using the language of emotion, the language that can be understood by ghosts, you must take the feeling of the question and broadcast that out. We often broadcast emotions, but seldom do it intentionally. For example, haven’t you ever seen someone and just known that they are a happy, bubbly person? You know because they are broadcasting that emotion and you are picking up on it.

Steps Needed to Form an Emotional Sentence

Sit down and clear your mind. Now think of the question you want to ask the ghost. ‘Who are you? What do you want?’ Focus on the feeling behind the question.

If you have trouble with this practice with more concrete emotions. For example, what does joy feel like? Now what does anticipation feel like? Pay close attention to the feelings in your chest and how the feeling is different for different emotions. Now go back to your question. What is the feeling behind your question?

Once you have the feeling behind your question, exhale and imagine projecting that feeling outward.

Learn to Listen to this New Language

You do not speak to ghosts using verbal language and you don’t listen to them with verbal though if you want to get the full and correct message. So how do you know what the ghost is communicating?

Listen by entering a state of non-thought. You may be thinking, how do I not think? Is that even possible?

Non-thought is not a state of not thinking, it is a mental state of thinking without words. When the constant stream of chatter in your head, what is sometimes called the Babbler, stops you will be able to pay attention to the more subtle forms of communication that you were not even aware of before: the language of emotion.

How to Listen in Non-thought

Sit down in a chair or on the floor. You want to be comfortable, but not so comfortable you fall asleep. Choose a location where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Eventually, you will be able to go into a state of non-thought at will, even with a lot of activity, but for now, we will start slow.

Take several deep breaths. Focus on the breath as you breath in and out. When you breath out imagine all of the negative emotions and worry leaving your body.

Focus on your breathing to keep your mind clear.

Now that your mind is clear, pay attention to what you are feeling around you. It is important to notice the feeling, but try not to analyze it or talk about it in your head.

Don’t be too hard on yourself! If you catch yourself talking in your head, simply take a breath to release the thoughts and begin again.

Interactions with ghosts and entities become possible as you master these new skills. As you develop the ability to enter non-thought at will and to create and project emotion, you will find that the possibilities for communication and learning are limitless.

For many people, the sixth sense is nothing more than something seen on TV or in movies. Actually these are profound abilities that you can develop. This article will explore some of the misconceptions and myths about the sixth sense.

You Are Either Born Psychic or You Aren’t

Alison Dubois on the TV show Medium has premonitions in the form of dreams. But you weren’t born with any abilities like that, so you will never be psychic, right?

But is that really true?

The fact is: everyone was born with sixth sense abilities. The problem is that many of us lost touch with that sensory. Maybe because it was discouraged by your religion, your family or your teachers. Maybe you just got caught up in life and forgot. But remember, while psychic abilities come easily to some people, for many of us the sixth sense is an elusive, forgotten thing. With a little effort, you can reactivate that sensory and experience psychic abilities yourself.

You Only Have One Ability

Perhaps you are skilled in telepathy. Or maybe you have premonitions and visions. Or you are a medium and communicate with entities. People who are psychic only have one ability. Right?

Just like anything else, we all have talents and interests. Things that come easier to us than other things. But if you can master one psychic ability, you can master others. It is just a matter of devoting time and effort to practicing new skills.

The Sixth Sense is All About Talking to Ghosts

This misconception comes from movies such as The Sixth Sense and TV shows like the Ghost Whisperer. Characters see ghosts in human form and have conversations with them as if they were simply speaking to an invisible friend.

But is that really what the sixth sense is all about? No.

First of all, ghosts are … well, ghosts. They don’t have a physical body, vocal chords, ears. So while the sixth sense can allow you to communicate with ghosts or entities, it is not in the way that is portrayed in movies.

Any yes, this sensory can potentially allow you to talk to ghosts, but the sixth sense is so much more than that. Developing the sixth sense is about developing a new sensory or language. It is what will allow you to communicate with the Universe.

For many people, the sixth sense and psychic abilities feel like they are just out of reach. But everyone is capable of developing this sensory with a little time and effort.

Activating your sixth sense or intuitive sense will improve the flow of your life. You will find that you have an inner knowing of what decisions you should make. For example, maybe one day you decide to follow your intuition to a new restaurant for lunch. And that day you meet someone who helps you to land a new job, one that you really love and allows you to make a lot more money than you made at your last job.

The Sixth Sense will also be what propels your spiritual development forward. But as we all know, life events tend to pull us away from our spirituality. Here are a few quick exercises that you can practice in 10 minutes or less that will keep you connected to your sixth sense.

1. Practice seeing auras
Seeing the aura is an easy, fast and fun way to stay connected to your sixth sense. As you become better with seeing auras, you will learn to see energy on a consistent basis, automatically keeping you connected to your sixth sense. And this is a technique that can be practiced anywhere. Practice at work or school, at the grocery store or when you go out to dinner.

2. Take a Walk
This may not sound like a “sixth sense activity” but remember that using your sixth sense requires energy or prana. If you feel drained, it is unlikely you will be able to use your sixth sense. Take a quick walk on your lunch break with this in mind. If you are near a park, take advantage of it, but most of us don’t have access to a park, especially when we only have a few minutes. But that is okay! Use the sounds on the street and view it as music for your walk. Find the beauty of the city and use it to recharge.

3. Manifestation
No matter what your situation, there is always something that you want to improve or change. Manifestation has become almost solely a technique for making more money. But why not apply it to your spirituality and sixth sense? Manifest a new experience or skill. Perhaps you want to be able to see energy or reach new levels in your meditations or improve your health.

Here are a few tips to get you started. Imagine the feeling that you will have when you have this new experience or skill and use this feeling for your manifestation. After your manifestation, move onto other things. Continuously thinking about your manifestation will prevent you from having the experience.

Spend as much time as you want on any of these exercises, but any of them can be completed in only 10 minutes. You will be surprised by how much of a difference just a few minutes each day will make in developing your sixth sense.

Manifestation has become a popular topic since movies such as “The Secret” have been released. Sure, there are people out there who have no problem manifesting anything they desire. But how many people do you know personally who have successfully manifested the life of their dreams? Not very many. So what are the reasons that manifestation doesn’t work?

Are you asking for a million dollars by next month when you are currently only making $30,000 a year? Is it possible to make that transition in a month? Sure. Maybe you win the lottery, maybe you cash in on a forgotten investment or maybe you receive an inheritance. Sure, it’s possible. But is it believable? If not, re-work your manifestation because if you don’t believe it will happen, you are canceling out your own manifestation.

Too Specific

When you are manifesting, it is important to find a balance between general and specific desires. When you are manifesting, you are co-creating with the Universe, so you must give the Universe variables or possibilities to work with. For example, imagine you are manifesting a new relationship. Sit down and think about what you want from the relationship and give the Universe characteristics to work with. Lay out they physical and personality characteristics you desire and then allow the Universe to find the person that is most compatible and put them in your path.

An example of being too specific would be to manifest a relationship with a particular person. It is not right to manipulate a person into a relationship they do not want to be in. Trust the Universe to find the best person for you based upon the variables you lay out.

Other People
The mind is a very powerful tool and if you were living in an isolated environment, you could easily manifest anything you want. But we live in a world with millions of people who also want things. This is why it is not as easy to manifest our every desire as we have been led to believe. You are a part of the collective.

Thinking About Your Manifestation
If you continuously think about your manifestation, this is sending the message that you don’t believe that your manifestation is effective. So rather than manifesting what you want, you are manifesting an ineffective manifestation.

Manifestation is a valuable tool and can help you with your life and your spirituality if used correctly. If you avoid these common mistakes, your will find your manifestations instantly improving.

In this video below, Eric Pepin, Founder of Higher Balance Institute teaches a method to see the human in aura in three easy steps, and with as little as five minutes of preparation. Eric will teach how people can unknowingly limit their ability to see an aura because of expectations. Learn how with a little practice and consistency one can open up a whole new world of perception and sensory!

How to see the Human Aura

How many times have we heard people talk about auras? The energy field that exists that encompasses the human body. Many people understand the concept but few ever see one. Most people assume that the only people that see them are supposed psychics and mediums. What if they were seen on a lot more regular basis than people thought? What if every day people like you or I could see them in as little as five to ten minutes of effort? What if everyday people saw them quite often, but dismissed them because they thought it was a trick of the light or that it wasn’t a profound enough visual cue to be an aura?

Here is a technique one can use to see the basic human aura. This is something that anyone with an open mind can achieve. The first thing we need to understand is that in the beginning one is not going to see a thick colored, textured glowing field of energy. One will usually see a faint whitish outline around the head and shoulders standing about two to three inches off of the body. This whitish outline may even look slightly transparent and fairly faint.

We’ve all seen those 3-D paintings (Magic Eye) in the mall before. You know the one’s that you’ve got to stare at, relax your eyes and that all of a sudden what was hidden is now obvious in 3-D.

Seeing auras is much the same way!

All you need to get started is a willing partner and a blank wall.

1. Have your partner stand against a white wall or dark one. Either one is acceptable, however, the plainer the background the easier to see.

2. Stand about seven to nine feet away from the person against the wall. Blink your eyes a few times and try and relax them. The trick is not to strain them by focusing on any particular spot.

3. What you want to do is to focus on the person’s head, somewhere between the bridge of the nose and the top of their hairline. You want to focus your main vision there but use your peripheral vision to see around the head and shoulders.

If you have been able to relax your eyes enough what you will see will be very subtle at first. At first you might even dismiss this as being a trick of the light or your eyes. What the common misconception is is that when one sees an aura it’s this mystical field of energy radiating out four feet from the body with multi-colored textures waving within it. This is an unreasonable expectation for the untrained mind. Before you ran you had to learn to walk.

Again, in the beginning it is perfectly acceptable to only see a faint white outline. With practice and a clear mind one can improve their results and reap a more detailed sighting of the aura. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient with yourself. With only a short amount of practice you will be able to see basic auras around all kinds of living and inanimate things, whether it’s from your friends, to trees, paintings in your home to cars in a parking lot.

The secret is to not to expect too much right away! Unreasonable expectation is usually what destroys the experiences people do have. It causes them to either not recognize what they are seeing, or to assume they must not be seeing anything because they are expecting a more fantastical vision. Again, the secret to unlocking this extra-sensory-vision is having a realistic expectation and consistency. These three easy steps could be a start towards revealing a world hidden from your eyes, and perhaps one fantastic step towards a world more magical!

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Higher Balance offers a course to train and develop your sensitivity to subtle energy fields existing all around us, all the time! Visit or call us at 800-935-4007 to learn more!

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