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The Sixth Sense is something that is usually misunderstood. Many see it simply as intuition. And it is as you are first developing your Sixth Sense. You will find that you have an inner knowing, a sense of direction that you never had before. You might find that time after time you are in the right place at the right time.

Others see the Sixth Sense as it is portrayed as a ‘super-power’ in Hollywood movies. Characters will have incredible psychic powers, premonitions and mind control. In fact, the Sixth Sense includes all of those things. You can develop your intuition and other abilities such as telepathy. But the Sixth Sense is much more than that. When you learn to turn your Sixth Sense abilities inward, you will discover that the true power of the Sixth Sense is that:

The Sixth Sense is the missing link to spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Most schools of thought view the Sixth Sense and spirituality as two separate and unrelated paths. In fact, in most spiritual and religious organizations, developing the Sixth Sense is actively discouraged. And yet it is the component that allows you to jump into higher states of consciousness.

Eric Pepin of Higher Balance Institute spent much of his childhood doing incredible psychic work and found through personal experience that these abilities allowed him to develop spiritually and leap into higher states of consciousness.

He discovered what the other schools of thought have been missing. Our five senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing, do not allow us to directly perceive God or the Universe. They limit us to this physical dimension. The Universe is energy and in order to perceive this energy, to communicate with it, the Sixth Sense is needed.

The Sixth Sense is still a part of your organic body and is as natural as the other five senses. So, while real life may not be like Hollywood, you will still find that developing your Sixth Sense will lead you to experience some pretty profound abilities and phenomenon. But more importantly, the Sixth Sense will give you the tools to ‘speak’ the language of energy, the language of the Universe.

As you to master this new language, you will bridge the gap to developing Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. The old spiritual masters have all said that ‘Life is an Illusion.’ The Sixth Sense is what gives you the ability to see past the illusion. It allows you to see the programs that create reality the same way the spiritual masters of the past have done.


Activating your sixth sense or intuitive sense will improve the flow of your life. You will find that you have an inner knowing of what decisions you should make. For example, maybe one day you decide to follow your intuition to a new restaurant for lunch. And that day you meet someone who helps you to land a new job, one that you really love and allows you to make a lot more money than you made at your last job.

The Sixth Sense will also be what propels your spiritual development forward. But as we all know, life events tend to pull us away from our spirituality. Here are a few quick exercises that you can practice in 10 minutes or less that will keep you connected to your sixth sense.

1. Practice seeing auras
Seeing the aura is an easy, fast and fun way to stay connected to your sixth sense. As you become better with seeing auras, you will learn to see energy on a consistent basis, automatically keeping you connected to your sixth sense. And this is a technique that can be practiced anywhere. Practice at work or school, at the grocery store or when you go out to dinner.

2. Take a Walk
This may not sound like a “sixth sense activity” but remember that using your sixth sense requires energy or prana. If you feel drained, it is unlikely you will be able to use your sixth sense. Take a quick walk on your lunch break with this in mind. If you are near a park, take advantage of it, but most of us don’t have access to a park, especially when we only have a few minutes. But that is okay! Use the sounds on the street and view it as music for your walk. Find the beauty of the city and use it to recharge.

3. Manifestation
No matter what your situation, there is always something that you want to improve or change. Manifestation has become almost solely a technique for making more money. But why not apply it to your spirituality and sixth sense? Manifest a new experience or skill. Perhaps you want to be able to see energy or reach new levels in your meditations or improve your health.

Here are a few tips to get you started. Imagine the feeling that you will have when you have this new experience or skill and use this feeling for your manifestation. After your manifestation, move onto other things. Continuously thinking about your manifestation will prevent you from having the experience.

Spend as much time as you want on any of these exercises, but any of them can be completed in only 10 minutes. You will be surprised by how much of a difference just a few minutes each day will make in developing your sixth sense.

Manifestation has become a popular topic since movies such as “The Secret” have been released. Sure, there are people out there who have no problem manifesting anything they desire. But how many people do you know personally who have successfully manifested the life of their dreams? Not very many. So what are the reasons that manifestation doesn’t work?

Are you asking for a million dollars by next month when you are currently only making $30,000 a year? Is it possible to make that transition in a month? Sure. Maybe you win the lottery, maybe you cash in on a forgotten investment or maybe you receive an inheritance. Sure, it’s possible. But is it believable? If not, re-work your manifestation because if you don’t believe it will happen, you are canceling out your own manifestation.

Too Specific

When you are manifesting, it is important to find a balance between general and specific desires. When you are manifesting, you are co-creating with the Universe, so you must give the Universe variables or possibilities to work with. For example, imagine you are manifesting a new relationship. Sit down and think about what you want from the relationship and give the Universe characteristics to work with. Lay out they physical and personality characteristics you desire and then allow the Universe to find the person that is most compatible and put them in your path.

An example of being too specific would be to manifest a relationship with a particular person. It is not right to manipulate a person into a relationship they do not want to be in. Trust the Universe to find the best person for you based upon the variables you lay out.

Other People
The mind is a very powerful tool and if you were living in an isolated environment, you could easily manifest anything you want. But we live in a world with millions of people who also want things. This is why it is not as easy to manifest our every desire as we have been led to believe. You are a part of the collective.

Thinking About Your Manifestation
If you continuously think about your manifestation, this is sending the message that you don’t believe that your manifestation is effective. So rather than manifesting what you want, you are manifesting an ineffective manifestation.

Manifestation is a valuable tool and can help you with your life and your spirituality if used correctly. If you avoid these common mistakes, your will find your manifestations instantly improving.

Many people have commented that the experiences that can be achieved with the spiritual techniques taught by Higher Balance Institute sound like something can be achieved with far less effort using hallucinogenic drugs such as Ayahuasca. In fact, hallucinogens do have a lot to offer the seeker. The real question is, are you willing to pay the price? Or are you even aware there is a price?

The hallucinogenic experience, as tempting and convenient as it was, is a quick fix and had ramifications on the biological brain and more importantly the dimensional mind. I have often referred to hallucinogens as “door openers.” Imagine a door and frame standing in distance. This represents a doorway for your mind, the threshold representing newer possibilities. The other side represents the much desired unknown. You open the door and BAM! You are flooded with massive details, colors and experiences.

Now you have this amazing experience. But there’s a catch. The experience still must be processed through your organic brain. What this means is that no matter what you experienced, the brain must identify with tagging so that you can relate to it. Anything you cannot tag, which is 99%, is washed out. Some will hold real meaning and growth for you, and others can deeply scar you.

So now you’re left with a sliver of experiences that may ‘seem’ like an abundant amount of fresh knowledge. Unfortunately as I said earlier the brain has already filtered much out. What you are able to hold onto becomes like a dream memory and quickly begins to evaporate from your conscious memory. So once again, you are left with a very small amount of reward for your efforts.

Not to mention, most hallucinogenic effects, “The Trip”, last about 8-12 hours for the main experience. Like a bell curve chart starts slowly and increases intensity, reaches a peak and then slowly tapers down. Good luck if you want to get off the ride half way in; you can’t exactly stop it without medical assistance. Think of it as a roller coaster. Can you jump off a roller coaster half way through if you change your mind?

Now, remember the door, or more importantly the frame of the door. Each time you go through it using hallucinogens, you’re not turning the door handle and opening it with respect so as to not damage it. Instead you have just kicked it open forcefully then slammed it shut. The damages are not seen at first but it does not take long before this form of opening and closing heavily damages it.

Remember what the door represents. No one thinks about the door. For those seeking altered states of consciousness these types of experiences are really exciting! We have spent our entire lives trying to awaken and these slivers, these Hallucinogenic experiences are extremely tempting and in most ways appear to be our salvation.

Your doorway, in a brief amount of time, will be unwittingly, destroyed. You had your fun and now you really need that door to open so you can serve the Universe. The problem is now it is stuck in the frame or stuck wide open and cannot be closed. Sure, an open door to the Universe doesn’t sound like a bad thing. It sounds like enlightenment, right? Ha! When the door closes and opens, it is capable of going to different frequencies or dimensions. When you destroy the doorway, you are stuck on one floor. That sucks! Now, take a hard look at people who have crossed this river on many occasions. Look deeply in their eyes and you will find what you fear most, a different type of “deep sleep.” Is the experience really worth the price?

Learn and grow. Become the reed in the wind. Patience. You may think you are moving ever so slowly but truth be told you are moving dramatically fast. Recall where you were before, then pat yourself on the back and say good work.

Guard your doorway and keep it well tuned so that it will serve you well and truly at your will. You only get one doorway, nothing more.

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