Your thoughts, the things that you experience in your life, are what makes your frequency. Your energy. If you experience and you reflect and do negative things, your tonal is never rich enough or high enough because it’s electrical.

Everything you smell is turned into electricity. Everything you hear is turned into electricity. Everything you taste is turned into electricity. Everything about your physical body is designed to convert this dimension into a format that you can absorb. Because what are you?

You’re an energy being more or less.

You’re an energy being that is existing within a physical body made of living organisms. Not one part of what you think physically is you… is you. It’s other living organisms that are symbiotically working with you.

You’re simply the energy. They are saying, okay, we’re going to work with you. We’re going to kind of do what you want. And, believe me, not everything you want is really from you. Half of what you want is the will of all of these millions of organisms, and this brain that has its own personalities in there too.

The reality is finding out who you are inside of all of this. Most people never discover that. They remain automated. And that’s what is called a ‘Sleeper’.

Sleepers are people who just simply function in life and do their job, do their role, live life. A person who is awakened is someone who acknowledges that this is not completely who they are. They look at their hands and they open them and close them and they realize that it’s a machine.

They realize that inside is bones like sticks, and on top of that is clay, that is muscle. It has electrical nerves that stimulate the muscles to expand and retract. The expansion and retraction is only machinery. It’s only a device to explore this dimension.

If we were to remove ourselves from this organism, all of this flesh and matter, what would we be? We would be energy.

Would we have ears to hear sound in this dimension? No. Would we have nasal glands to smell in this dimension? No. Would we have eyes to see the structural detail of this dimension? No. We don’t have eye cones to transform the light and the shadow that bounce into our retinas. So we could not experience this dimension if it wasn’t for this organism that’s designed to hold our electrical energy.

By holding the electrical energy, it is here to transfer the information of this dimension into electrical data, which is what we are. It’s like little raindrops into a bucket. Everything you smell, everything you hear, everything you taste, everything you feel is converted for you as an electrical being to add to what you are.

That in itself becomes a frequency. It’s like a tuner or a channel, a radio station’s specific signal. You are doing a watermark on what kind of a being you are. The more you understand will determine what kind of frequency you begin to radiate. That allows you to have access to moving into these other lanes (higher states of consciousness).

So the more that you can conceive, the more that you realize what you are, the more that you reflect that there is more to life than what you see on the surface through your five senses that you begin to develop a sixth sense because it is a sense of knowing. That sense of knowing harnesses other ways of understanding life beyond this dimension. So your frequency is based upon what it is you can comprehend, what it is you can understand.

Just by this conversation alone with you – is called shifting. Because your mind is reflecting more on what it is and what it’s not. And the more that you reflect of what you are, the more you become of that. And the more you become that, the more conscious you are of what you really are and thus reality around you begins to change.

It is the first doorway, which is closest to the frequency of this world. To learn more, listen to the Higher Balance Foundation.